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A Great Dei in Downtown Tucson

  • Congratulations Class of 2014!
    We are so proud of our graduating scholars. You will be missed but we look forward to your bright futures! To see more photos from graduation, go to http://bit.ly/ImagoDeiClass2014

  • This June, Get Your Feet Wet at Imago Dei!
    Great opportunity for eligible students to discover the Imago Dei experience! Contact Ms. Solís for further information or to register at (520) 882-4008 or email peggy(at)imagodeischool.org  


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Intuit Foundation
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In Honor of Liam Ambri-
Mike Ambri
In Memory of Mrs. Edna Upham and Family- Franklyn Bergen
In Memory of Barbara Mitchell- Franklyn Bergen
John Mitchell
In Honor of Betsy Weeks- Franklyn Bergen
In Honor of The Rev. Judy Sessions- Franklyn Bergen
In Memory of Robert E. Manning- Franklyn Bergen
In Memory of Marian Brown- Martha Chilcott
In Memory of Phyllis Ehlinger- Robert Ferguson
In Memory of Maureen Grabowski-King- Carol Grabowski
In Honor of Susan Anderson-Smith & Anne Sawyer- Margherita Gale Harris
In Memory of Jane A. Sawyer- Susan Meere
Virginia Rice
In Memory of Marg Kittle - Rosana Meloy
In Honor of Lorraine Drachman- Krista Miller
In Honor of the life of Frances Woelke- Aonymous
In Honor of Caitlin Moughon’s Birthday- Ralph and Emily Nickerson
In Memory of Doris Chadwick- Edwin Rather
In Honor of Robert Feugate, III- Julia Taylor
In Honor of Sally Deniz- Nancy Whitson
In Honor of William and Patricia Gill Webber- Derek Brooks
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